Bon Accord, Glasgow

Cheap short term car insurance site  is not Glasgow's only claim to fame, it also has its fair share of decent pubs, but if you are looking for a friendly environment with a huge selection of real ale, Bon Accord is the place for you. Easy to reach for both locals and tourists, the pub has a small-town feel with big-town variety.

Take a break on your next trip to Glasgow and enjoy a good pint in pleasant, friendly surroundings. Bon Accord has it all.

Variety and tradition

There was a time when getting a decent pint was difficult but Bon Accord was at the front of the real ale resurgence in the 1970s. As our thirst for the good stuff grew, so did Bon Accord's roster of fantastic ales.

Known by savvy drinkers as the best place in Glasgow to get a decent beer, Bon Accord keeps around ten ales on tap per night and regularly changes them to keep things fresh and interesting.

If that's not your style you can opt for the whisky selection which is good enough to attract the Glasgow Malt Whisky Club. The pub features both drinks on their Twitter feed daily, giving the discerning drinker a new reason to pop in for a sip.

Good food, excellent atmosphere

If you want something to soak up the beer or whisky you would do well to sample some of Bon Accord's menu. Traditional pub food is plentiful but it is surprisingly rare that a modern, busy place gets it right.

Pub grub needs to be sturdy and satisfying, such as Bon Accord's Full English with all the trimmings. You can satisfying your cravings with a hearty meal as you enjoy the pleasant company and delicious drink. Though it can get busy at Bon Accord, the popularity comes for a reason. There are few pubs in the country that have the best alcohol on tap and decent food to accompany it. Even fewer attract people from all over the place looking for the pub recommended to them.

As national winner of the Independent Pub Category Award 2015 for Best Bar None: Scotland, this is a pub with awards to back up its reputation.

A pub to remember

Remember that time you last went into a pub and felt right at home? Whether you're local or just off the train for a visit to Glasgow, you'll be welcome at Bon Accord.

It's the kind of place with a long tradition of regulars and a large amount of newcomers, but as every drinkers knows, that mix makes for the best atmosphere. No matter why you visit there will be something for you, whether you prefer real ale, whisky, or wine.

Real ale is as popular now as it has ever been but there are few places that do it as well as Bon Accord. The main difficulty is walking out of there vertical when you have such a fantastic variety to choose from. No matter whether you visit for a satisfying drink or a hearty meal, Bon Accord is the type of place you will never forget.

Link Between Travel Restrictions, Pub Closures, and the Popularity of Short Term Car Insurance

The COVID-19 epidemic in Britain brought about strict travel restrictions that affected many sectors, notably the hospitality industry, including pubs, and had a knock-on effect on the car insurance market. This article delves into how these restrictions led not only to pub closures but also to a surge in short term car insurance policies for cars they did't own.

Impact of Travel Restrictions on Pubs

Travel restrictions meant that patrons could no longer visit their local pubs, a staple of British culture and social life. The restrictions severely reduced foot traffic, leading to a decline in sales and, eventually, the closure of many such establishments. Pubs, especially those in rural or less accessible areas, suffered greatly as the usual influx of customers was legally curtailed.

Shift to Delivery Services

With the closure of pubs and the restriction on social gatherings, there was an increase in at-home dining and drinking. This change in consumer habits led to a demand for delivery services, as many pubs started offering takeaway food and drink to stay in business. Consequently, there was a need for delivery drivers, and for many, the solution was to take out a short term car insurance policy to cover their new work-related driving needs.

Short Term Car Insurance as a Solution

For individuals taking on temporary roles as delivery drivers, short term car insurance policies were a perfect fit. They provided the necessary cover for new, often short-term, driving habits without the need for an annual policy. This was not only cost-effective but also matched the uncertain duration of the travel restrictions and the subsequent employment opportunities.

Economic Considerations

Short term car insurance policies were financially sensible for those who found themselves out of regular work due to pub closures. The ability to insure a vehicle for just the days or weeks it was needed to undertake delivery work provided a means to reduce unnecessary expenses during a period of reduced income for many.


The travel restrictions during the COVID-19 epidemic had far-reaching effects, with pub closures leading to a domino effect that saw a rise in short term car insurance policies. These policies allowed individuals to adapt quickly to the changing job market and ensured that pubs could continue to operate in a different capacity, helping to mitigate the economic impact of the epidemic on individuals and small businesses alike.