The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo, London

If you're a fan of hidden treasures (and who isn't), take a detour on your trip to London to visit The Hole in the Wall, tucked away beside Waterloo Station. With simple food and a great variety of decent real ales, this petite pub has everything a thirsty traveller needs.

Simplicity wins

When you first walk into The Hole in the Wall you might wonder "why all the fuss?". The front bar is compact, the beer selection seems limited. Be patient: there is more if you keep walking, including an impressive range of real ales in the second bar and a menu to keep you going.

The layout is traditional with its comfy couches and wooden chairs. There is nothing modern about its decor, though it's well-kept and cosy. The simple layout and easy-mannered staff make you feel right at home as soon as you settle down with your pint.

For the thirsty traveller

It's always a good idea to have an hour or two to spare when you're catching a train. Pubs coalesce around train stations, and The Hole in the Wall does this best. Though tucked away in the arch outside Waterloo Station may not seem like the best location, its unusual placement just adds to its charm.

Whether you're thirsty or in need of a snack, The Hole in the Wall follows through. Even the thirstiest traveller won't go away unhappy.

There is nothing like sitting down between trains to slake your thirst, and The Hole in the Wall is perfectly situated for just that. If you're in London for more than a stopover, this pub is only a short walk away from Festival Pier and The London Eye. If you're a tourist desperate for a sit down after a hard day sightseeing, The Hole in the Wall is for you.

More than just a stopover

Though pubs nestled beside major train stations tend to be as forgettable as the journey, the same cannot be said for The Hole in the Wall.

The selection of real ale available is excellent, and if that's not your style you can pick from the rest of the well-stocked bar. The music is ambient rather than obtrusive and the food is basic in content but excellent in execution. Take a stop here on your next trip through London to sample the best the city has to offer.