The Chetnole Inn, Chetnole Dorset

Sometimes you have to make an effort to find a good pint. If you haven't heard of The Chetnole Inn, don't worry; Chetnole is a tiny village of around three-hundred people in North Dorset, so small even the train only stops there on request. Yet The Chetnole Inn is a rare treasure.

Good beer, good food

As a young adult I wondered why my Dad was taking me so far into the countryside for a pint, but the moment you cross the threshold into the Chetnole Inn you know it was the right decision.

The beer selection is excellent and unfailingly well-kept. You can choose to take your pint to play a game of pool or skittles or, if you're peckish, there is a menu to make your mouth water. Even the snacks are above average, though they still hold the traditional fare that all of us expect.

Scenery to die for

If the weather's good (and it often is in this part of the country), take your pint outside. Settled next to a church and the one lonely shop, The Chetnole Inn is surrounded with beauty.

Even the walk to the pub is amazing. I recommend getting the train and walking into the village; it's not a short trek, but the scenery will take your breath away and set you up for the satisfying meal and refreshing pint at the end of it. The garden is a delight too, so make your trip on a bright day and enjoy the atmosphere inside and out.

Why not stay a while?

The Chetnole Inn allows dogs in one bar so you can bring your trusted friend. If you're more a fan of the two-legged company, the friendly folk behind the bar and around it will welcome you into their midst -- or leave you alone to enjoy your pint if that's more your style.

If you can't get enough of the pleasant surroundings, why leave? Stay in one of their well-furnished rooms and get the train home in the morning. The more time spent here, the more memories you can take away.