The Bridge Tavern, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Perched only a short distance from the Tyne, The Bridge Tavern is a top pub with a history. Newcastle-upon-Tyne's pub scene is growing fast and The Bridge Tavern is one success story. From a disco to a decent pub with excellent food, it has survived the changing scene and grown better for it.

Relax and recuperate

With its easy-to-reach location only a five minute walk from the train station (or ten minutes from town), The Bridge Tavern is the perfect place to meet your friends for a relaxing drink. There is always a friendly face behind the bar and a tempting treat on the menu.

A microbrewery adds depth to the experience at The Bridge, but the excellent beer isn't the only thing that keeps people coming back. The friendly atmosphere is legendary and many groups have made it their settle-in point, including a popular knitting group!

Something for all

If you're indecisive or you can't limit yourself to just one drink, don't fret. The Bridge offers a 'taster selection' of beer. Use that variety to accompany your well-cooked meal, whether you're in the mood for something meaty or something lighter.

For the traditional folk, walk-ins are common, even if you're looking for a sit-down meal. If you want to guarantee a table you can book online, though if you want nothing but a pint and a snack The Bridge Tavern is right for you too.

If there were half as many pubs so accommodating, none of us would ever be thirsty again.

Reasonable prices, friendly atmosphere

Finding a pub with affordable meal options to go with its beer isn't always easy. Sometimes you have to sacrifice atmosphere for cost. At The Bridge Tavern you get a decent drink for an acceptable price as well as friendly, helpful staff, and meals to remember.

The Bridge Tavern is one pub among many in the rejuvenated city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, but it's the one most likely to leave you with a full belly, warm feeling, and a smile on your face.